Is it possible to setup DuckDNS to register ngrok dynamic address instead of my router address?

I’m trying to get access to HomeAssistant running on a local Raspberry Pi . I tried to setup DuckDNS and port forwarding but with no success. My router tells me that it is behind double NAT so it is not possible to access it from the outside (probably my ISP uses CGNAT). The second option is to use ngrok . It works well till the first reboot. My thoughts are that ngrok dynamic address is like a dynamic IP address now. So if I’ll update DDNS with IP address of that dynamic ngrok address instead of IP address of my router it should work. But I’m not sure if it is possible and how can I do this.

So is it possible to register the ngrok dynamic address in DuckDNS? How can I do this? Should I for a repo with DuckDNS script and modify it?

Not really an answer to your question.
But this might also be a solution to your problem.

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It requires Nginx on a remote server and domain name which I do not have.
If there are some services with the free plan could you please suggest them? A quick search on google did not give me the desired result :frowning:

I guess it’s easier to find an alternative to ngrok with a stable address in the free plan as there are quite a plant of them
But there are no addons to the home assistant for them. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with home assistant enough to implement one.

how did you go with this? I am having the same issue and have setup ngrok. Did you get it working with duckdns?