Is it possible to show an entity as "read only" in UI?

I have text and dropdown entities that only is allowed to be changed by scripts and automations. I would also like to show their state in a Entities Card together with other entities that can be changed by the user.
AFAICT there is no such Helper type that just can mirror an entity value as read only.
Is my only solution to use cards that is specialized in showing text only without possibility to interaction?
Does such cards exist that will show an entity value without letting the user to change it’s state?

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You could create template sensors from your helpers. Sensors are read only. Or use a markdown card:

Thanks, but I choose to give up on this. Way too much config for me right now.

I found using a type of simple-entity did want I needed - the switch became read-only.


… or, if you need to:

  • ether show an entity as an input helper - but read-only,
  • or make it read-only dependently on a template,

you can use card-mod: