Is it possible to specify an order of loading for AppDaemon apps?

I have a few apps that create sensors (e.g. a combined presence sensor, a home occupancy that takes into account guests as well as notes who was the last to leave/arrive, etc.).

I also have some apps that rely on the state of those created sensors (e.g. whether to set the alarm or run the vacuum), meaning that if e.g. the alarm app is loaded before the home occupancy at HA restart, it just won’t work (it needs to access an attribute from the home_occupancy that says who was the last to arrive/leave).

Is there a way to specify that some apps shouldn’t load until others have successfully loaded? Preferably by the sensor apps notifying AppDaemon that they have initialized (since adding a fixed delay would delay everything more than needed).

Yes, there are two methods.

App Dependencies:

App Loading Priority:

Awesome, thanks a lot!