Is it possible to trigger on a data in a binary-sensor like this?

I like to create an flow which will be triggered using an event states node.
It is an meteoalarm binary_sensor. I like to trigger on awareness level change.
I did set up this node:

Where the entity ID is:[0]

Is this the right way to trigger?

that will not work but this might:

Thanks. I will try

Is there a way to test if the trigger is working?

The most reliable for me has been to simply listen to all changes of the entity, and filter your attribute with a switch or function node. Then proceed from there.

you can add a debug node after the trigger node and see what is the message coming out

I know. But I like to check the trigger itself.
It’s a MeteoAlarm, zo I do have to wait until there will be an alarm.
That kan be weeks

ok that you can test by changing the state manually in the states tab in developer screen.

Thanks that was a good advice!!. I didn’t know this