Is it possible to use a public IP address for WireGuard VPN add-on?

Hello everyone. I have a public IP address provided by my ISP. In WireGuard add-on setup instructions, I often see the use of duckdns.

Can I use my public IP address in the ‘host’ line in the WireGuard add-on configuration?

I have never set up Wireguard, so no idea what the DuckDNS name is for, but in general DuckDNS is for getting a fixed name connected to a dynamic changing public IP address.
If you have a fixed public IP address, then you might not need DuckDNS.

If you need a SSL certificate for your service, then this needs to be bound to a domain name and an IP address can’t be used.
In this case DuckDNS is also providing a domain name, but a privately own domain name can be used instead.

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