Is it possible to use Aqara H1 wall switch with Alexa?


I have a wall switch Aqara H1 connected to HA with a Sonoff ZigBee Dongle (EFR32MG21), I don’t have the Aqara hub.
I created an Alexa skill to use that switch with voice. I’m not using the Home assistant cloud, I setup manually to connect Alexa to HA.

But when I search new device in Alexa app it didn’t detect any device.

So is it possible to use voice to control that switch ?
Do I need Aqara hub or I need to configure something on HA to switch on / off the light with that wall switch?

I’m new with home assistant so I’m not sure What is possible.

Thanks for your help :grinning:

What did you do to “manually connect Alexa to HA”?

I imagine Alexa setup is largely similar to Google Home which requires your Home Assistant to be accessible over the internet and it must be over HTTPS.

Looking at the guide, it seems you will also need an AWS and an Amazon Developer account:

What I mean by “manually connect Alexa to HA” is that I created an AWS lambda function and an Alexa skill.
I can connect to my Alexa skill but when I search for new devides, Alexa didn’t discover my devices in HA.

If you’re not seeing ANY smart home devices from HA in Alexa, it’s not a switch specific issue. It’s an Alexa integration setup issue and a pretty common one at that.
From memory (had this happen to me when I set it up 4 years ago), it’s because your Amazon Alexa account is registered on a different domain than the default (.com). I remember I had to change mine to in the integration settings and select the correct server before it found any of my devices

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Thanks that was the problem, my Alexa account was created on
I asked to amazon to switch on the and recreated my skill, now it can discover my devices ! :smiley:

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