Is it possible to use GLEDOPTO Wifi controller with Home Assistant

The Gledopto RGBCCT Led controller GL-C-008P is a ZigBee controller that works with HA through several integration. I just discovered that they also have a wifi version of this controller the GL-C-008W.
Does anybody knows if this works with HA?

Edit: actually they have the complete serie GL-C-006W, GL-C-007W, GL-C-008W, and GL-C-009W

Likely, as the cloud component is Tuya, but it doesn’t really make sense to go that direction if they have Zigbee, and you history seems to indicate you have, too.

I have the 008w version and haven’t managed to get it working through a sonoff dongle p, so guessing the only way is through Tuya?