Is it possible to use smart wall switch to control a yeelight bulb

Hello, i’m trying to have my yeelight color bulb to work with Alexa and with the wall switch. I installed a aqara wired wall switch without neutral, it toggle the light, but i can’t control the light when it isn’t powered.
Is there a way to keep the light powered ?

Bypass the switch so that the light always has power. Just use the switch events to automate the light.

It sounds too easy :wink: Thanks a lot

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I just have no life :slight_smile:

Sorry to be such a bother but… do you have any screenshot showing how to do it please ?

If you are not sure what you are doing, get an electrician. This is not something you want to get wrong.

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@Kaszys look into “parralel schematics”, but what Tom says. If you do this wrong, things can get ugly. As in burning your house down ugly.

Why Parallel schematics ???
He just needs to bypass the switch so the light is always on.
Wire up the smart switch (with the input from the switch he just bypassed)
And robert is your avuncular relative.
If the connections are made well, if he gets it wrong he’ll just pop a fuse.
If he continues to get it wrong it may eliminate him from the gene pool.

Because a bypass is called a parallel schematic?.. Else how would it work.

Trust me I’ve seen enough shit with bad wiring that caused significant damage.

Edit:. I’m talking about if he still wants to use the switch. If not than you’re right and just skip the switch with the wire

I just mounted the round Xiaomi wireless buttons directly above my light switches that needed to be left on, so people press the button to switch the Yeelight on/off and hopefully don’t turn the actual switch off. In Aus this is fairly easy since our standard light switch toggles are nice and small so the Xiaomi button can be mounted to pretty much hide the original light switch

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“Schematics” are drawings that show ‘topologically’ how circuits are connected (as opposed to an actual physical layout).
Wiring diagrams are usually reserved for the guy wiring something up with the kit in front of him so that he can see a cable coming to a device and how that device is wired. On to the next cable/device.
In 39 years of being an Electrical/Control Engineer (not an electrician, but providing drawings for) I have never come accross the term “parallel schematic”

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Tomayto, tomahto. I think you know my points
, just Google it and it will come up with the correct explanation. Parallel circuit it is then

Well, I can try, eliminating me from the gene pool won’t do no good, as I already have six kids.

do you know if you have a neutral in your backbox ?

No clue. Any way to find it ? As you can guess, I don’t know much about electricity.

Unfortunately aqara wall switches without neutral can not be bypassed. You can select the “Convert the button to a wireless switch” from mihome app to make them always on (in effect bypass the switch), but that mode is not supported by homeasssitant as of yet.

Well, is there any other swith without neutral that would d othe trick ?

You can use the wireless aqara switch instead. It is battery powered.

Yes, but I can’t have the wired switch and a wireless one. My wife won’t accept that.