Is it possible to use Thread (zha ?) and zigbee2mqtt at the same time on yellow?


I think all is said in the subject. I’d like to switch from zha to zigbee2mqtt (multiple reasons), but even if right now I do not own any matter over thread device, when those will be available, I’ll bite the bullet and start to buy those. But, what I’d like to know is, will it be possible to use my yellow box to do that without having to use another dongle (it was the purpose, in the beginning to have everything in one box, without dongle, but since the bluetooth (required for matter provisioning?) is already lacking, I guess in the end, it will not be possible).
What I wonder is about having two different softwares trying to do IO’s to the same device.

Thanks a lot !

Not possible. One Integration, one coordinator stick.

Zigbee + Thread on the same stick is possible because the hardware just handles it. But you can’t then also connect to that stick with multiple integrations because it only presents one serial port.

That was what I expected, I was wondering if the dev they had done presented two different devices (one for each stack), or only one. Now I know.

Thanks a lot !

(Too bad it is not the answer I wanted)

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…but you can use 2 sticks and have ZHA on one and Z2M on the other …

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Prior answers seem to think you want to use ZHA and z2m on then same coordinator. As they said, you can’t do so.


That isn’t how I read the question.

If you intend to switch from ZHA to z2m, abandoning ZHA, then you can use the multiprotocol addon to support both Thread and z2m on the Yellow with a single coordinator.

In other words, you can have Thread+ZHA or Thread+z2m, but not Thread+ZHA+z2m.

No, I made that unclear, what I read until now is the tread integration is using zha, with the multiprotocol addon, without alternative.

That’s why I was talking about that, but if the “Thread+ZHA” solution is possible, that’s what I aim for, in fact. I mentioned zha because maybe I misunderstood it was needed for the multiprotocol (and, I’m not allergic to ZHA, it’s just it is so “less complete” compared to z2m,…) so I was thinking it was mandatory for thread support

Thanks !

Why do you want Thread devices? Isn’t it just a worse Zigbee? (Devices are allowed to connect to the Internet instead of being on a completely separate network)

My dream about thread would be to be more universal than zigbee (where half of the devices I have have proprietary locks extensions).

To my understanding, there is no way a thread device connect to internet without border router, and, that’s quite the same for zigbee, specially if you use any of the useless gateways every vendor is trying to force you to use (Aqara, I’m looking at you). So, really, I don’t have concern about this (I’m more concerned about devices that have wifi connectivity, and not open source)

And. Tbr is required to connect thread devices. ;). But that’s not why I won’t use it… …Yet.

No it’s not worse zigbee. It currently avoids the fracturing problems zigbee has but…

Matter as a whole and Matter over Thread specifically - It’s still very beta to me. They’re at the point where the spec ALMOST has what it needs (power monitoring is still missing in 1.2 for instance) but there’s still serious cross vendor issues in commissioning. (they’re all trying to own the identity part and credential sharing is still an issue) Until the major manufacturers fix the on-boarding and multi thread network mess they created (Amazon fix your stuff) it’s a complete nom starter for me. I still haven’t (knowingly) installed my first TBR and my skyconnect is still in box in a drawer with a random brand Matter plug.

That said. WHEN that’s fixed (it’ll happen, the CSA knows it’s a problem and if they want to continue to be relevant they need to fix it) I’ll happily install Matter/Thread devices. But my gut tells me that’s still 12-18 months ~Matter 1.4 timeline…

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Okay, we’re on the same page, that’s why I don’t have any thread/matter devices yet, I’m waiting it to be beta tested “finished” before jumping in it, the origin of the thread (the forum one, not the protocol) was about future, because, if I’ve to rebuild my zigbee network now (~60 devices), and then do it again in a few months because I’ve to switch back to zha, it is quite unpleasant

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