Is it possible using hue hub?

Hi, just got a one (only!) tuya compatibility device, and several hue products, (a couple even not Philips),
using Zigbee , is is possible discover the tuya device ?
Without hacs and custom integrations on docker is bit harder try local tuya.
Before to move all HA config, the question:
so is it feasible or the compatibility with 3.0 standard is not really true (and I need a specific zigbee hub)?


Assuming it is zigbee-Tuya… I have several tuya zigbee devixes via my conbee II stick. I am not sure if this would be discovereable by the Hue hub, guess not

The Hue hub does not recognise too many non-hue devices, it might, it might not.
Better to buy a Zigbee dongle, use ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT and move all your Zigbee devices over to the dongle.

:frowning: but so with a “generic” usb zigbee (sonoff or conbee) dongle EVERY zigbee device will be found?
more a tuya device I will also add 2-3 aqara sensors: could be discovered and used from Home assistant for sure ? Is it possible keep 2 zigbee hubs for HA (hue + conbee or sonoff) ?
thx all for replies.

Make sure you research them first. Aqara don’t have the best reputation. Also, you should add mains-powered router devices first (lights, sockets etc.). You can’t just add sensors and expect it to be problem free.

Yes, but devices can’t be on both.

thx this is a good point. So I was in a wrong to think zigbee work as mesh network with just one only hub.
About Aqara : I will look for some other .
thx !

No, you were right - but you can have more than one mesh, a single coordinator or hub in each. Also you can only have a single instance of a particular integration - ZHA and a Philips Hue hub, for example, but not two ZHA networks.

Another thing to consider is that by splitting your routing devices over two networks, you may be making both weaker. The ideal situation is where every light and plug in the house is a router, all in one mesh.

Devices have have been available for a while are usually fine; new stuff often needs custom handlers before it will work, and they can take a while to appear. Check to see whether other people have had problems before you buy. This is true of all Zigbee devices, actually.