Is it safe to update a device after Esphome upgrades?

I have a wemos d1 device working fine since I installed it few years ago. In recent months, I updated the Esphome integration but not the device fearing it would stop working.
How safe is it to do the update, and is there a way to revert in case of a failure?
Many thanks!

As safe as any flashing can be ! it works 99% of time but there is always a risk so myself I don’t update them excepted if really it improves something on features used in the device :wink: Also if you have not done any updates during ages you might need to modify/edit existing code as it might not compile anymore in new versions of esphome !

Your task would be now to read all the change logs and identify all breaking changes which would be valid for your device (esphome yaml).

As this isn’t something one wants to do really you can just try the “dry run” - meaning only start compiling (maybe choose downloading the bin) to see if the validation/compilation detects any issues upfront or if it succeeds without problems which would be a good indicator that the update will just work :tm:

Meanwhile few things probably changed like the api encryption and stuff. :lock:

You could give it a try and if it breaks you can fix it :wink: Most of the breaking changes are actually handled quite gracefully in esphome - if a thing changed so your yaml isn’t valid anymore the changes are high that the output actually tells you want you need to change to make it work again :hammer_and_wrench:

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I am an update cowboy. I just hit the button, hope for the best, and react to any breaking changes I need to make and find the docs. I update regularly so the incremental accumulated changes aren’t so bad.


Bit like Christmas….


Thanks for all the great replies!
I did run the update and the device is still working :slight_smile:
However, under the Esphome integration page it still appears as Offline:


This is in spite of being configured with a static IP address.
Any ideas on how to get Online?


Wait. After an update the device has to reboot.

Can you see that the device has joined your wifi network with the static IP ? Like in your router?

Tried that, did work. Thanks

Of course. The device is working fine and I can see it in the UI. It’s just the status is indicated as OFFLINE it the ESPHome page.

Refresh the web page.