Is it still possible to setup the Companion App through Nabu Casa

Hi there,

Despite the many suggestions on this community forum I’m not able to setup a remote connection through Nabu Casa for the Companion App on iOS. Context:

  • A valid trial subscription to Nabu Casa
  • Latest version of iOS: 13.4.1
  • Latest version of HA: 0.108.3
  • Latest version of HassOS: 3.12
  • Latest version of the Supervisor: 214
  • A default configuration of Home Assistant

Setup process:

  • The Companion App finds my Home Assistant setup automatically
  • All checkboxes are greeen
  • An integration is created automatically for my iPhone (X)
  • The app works perfectly while on the same network as Home Assistant

But, no matter what I do the remote connection address never changes to something other than the internal IP address of Home Assistant. Also, I never see the alleged option to connect through the cloud.

This leads me to the question of whether it is even still possible to setup a remote connection through Nabu Casa given you have an up to data iOS device (as that seems to be the main issue).

Yes this is still possible. In the app when you go to the sidebar -> app-configuration, what is written there in the field Home Assistant URL? Change this to your nabu casa URL.

I guess you mean in the Connection section? This is listed:

If I try to change the External URL I get an error message that says I can’t manually enter the Nabu Casa UI because it will be detected automatically…

Hold on. Think I found it. I had Remote Control in the Home Assistant Cloud disabled. I thought that was only necessary if you wanted to access HA in a web browser. Enabling it, resetting the app and reconfiguring it solved the issue.

Too bad Grafana graphs in iframes in Lovelace aren’t shown though. This makes the app a lot less useful to me.