Is it worth it having cameras if i do not need it for safety

I live in a little village in Sweden, and we basically don’t have any thieves here. But should I bother to set up cameras for convenience? And if yes, where? (Living in a 2 story house with a garage with a window so I can see the front door from it if needed)

Well, it depends.
I have a lot of wildlife around my house and I have cameras to record the deer.
Do you get a lot of packages delivered, it might be nice to visually see them on a camera so you know they are there and you don’t have to periodically go check outside your door manually.
Do you have a good view of anything like a mountain or lake?

Only a forest

It could be convenient to pull up a camera feed if you get a fire/smoke alarm alert, just to see if your house really is on fire or if it was a false alarm.