Is local setup an option for wemo now that they will be forcing us to use the Cloud?

Anyone know if it is possible to configure a wemo without having to use the Wemo app? Given they will be forcing us to use the cloud in the future, I’m guessing that we won’t be able to add new devices or reconfigure new devices (say wifi ssid / password change)…

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Curious as well. You have to use an app with them to establish wifi but they seem really unreliable now.

I have Apple HomeKit but haven’t figured out how to use Homekit Controller with them. Removing Wemo integration and restarting instantly finds… Wemo’s. And they aren’t reliably communicating. Homekit won’t find them 'cause I believe Wemo has 'em.

How would someone introduce Wemo to HomeAssistant more reliably or have they shot the pooch with their changes and they should be avoided?

I’m in the process of swapping most of my Wemo devices for either Shelly or the Lowes Iris Centralite zigbee plug depending on use case. I’ll post my wemo devices on Ebay or something. Too bad. I have a 6-7 devices that do the power monitoring of the 14 or so Wemo devices.

AFAIK, the only option is pywemo (or pywemo-setup if you prefer). I recently setup a separate IoT wifi SSID and VLAN and was able to switch my wemos to use the new SSID by reconfiguring them with pywemo. It requires a little setup (myself I installed raspbian on a raspberry pi 3 I had laying around and then installed pywemo) and some Python coding, but wasn’t too bad. I had to use Python v3, but I’m not sure if that’s a requirement or not. Good luck if you give it a shot and let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help. BTW, if you let the Wemos boot up first, and then press and hold the restore button until the light blinks (amber for the old plugs, and white for the newer ones), it clears the Wifi information but not the name of the Wemo which can be useful. Cheers!