Is migrating existing PI4 HA setup to SSD worth it?

Hello ,

I have PI4-8GB currently running from 32GB SD cards with no problems for the past year ( around 30% of the space used ) . I am not running that many automation but I have a lot of sensors with each connected to its own hub ( Mainly Xiaomi gateway for all Zigbee /BLE devices ) .

I have seen some of the guys recommend running the PI/HA on SSD . In a buying spree i have purchased Kingston 240GB A400 Sata 3 to do the same mainly because I thought it is safer to use then SD card ( meaning SSD is less likely to fail )

Now while reviewing the steps to migrate including the firmware update, I am asking if migrating is worth it for existing setup and my specific case above for the long run ?!! Please clarify what improvements /issues did you see once you migrated your setups .

If SSD it is not needed with the PI then I could use it to upgrade a linux laptop so nothing wasted but I am now thinking the SSD was a bad purchase to start with and could return it if you advice so


If you have no SD issues, probably not worth the 240GB SSD, which can be a source of headache on its own.
The only significant source of wear and tear + increase of usage is the HA database. If you can use a DB on a different machine, definitely not worth it.

thx for the tip , i will not use it

One way to decrease the SD wear due to HA DB is to use commit_interval setting, as suggested in documentation.