Is my ESP-01S dead?

Hi Guys,
when you connect the ESP-01s (correctly) to a FTDI adapter, should you always get a red LED? I am not able to get a red LED and i am not able to flash it.
The only led i am able to produce is a blue LED when i connect the GPIO2 to the GND. Then when i disconnect the GPIO2 the blue LED keeps burning, but very dim.
Is this a sign of a broken ESP-01S or am i doing something wrong?
Wiring is as follows:
3,3V to the 3V3 pin and the EN pin
GND to GND pin and GPIO0
RX to TX
TX to RX

I put 3.3v on pin 8,6,4 and ground on pin 1 and ground on pin 5(GPIO0) when powering up and then remove the ground from pin 1(GPIO0) after its powered up.


?? But then after powerin on you are left with only 3,3v pins and no ground?
If i connect pin 8,6,4 with 3,3v and ground with ground i am still not getting a red LED…

Sorry, I meant to write remove the ground from pin 5(GPIO0) not from pin 1.

I have had some modules that have no leds on when powering up.

In windows I use to flash.

I also use these with ESP01’s make it so much easier.

Thanks, i had no luck with that same flashing software. I personally use the red FTDI adapter. Just now tried your sugestion to remove GND from the GPIO0. But that gives me the same result:
Unexpected error: ESP Chip Auto-Detection failed: Failed to connect to Espressif device: Timed out waiting for packet header

I’ve ordered some new ESP-01S’s. Let’s see if that works better. If not, i might give that adapter a try.

Yup. I always had problems flashing esp-01 with a regular ftdi-adapter. Now I use this, no problems anymore.


Did you try to exchange TX and RX wiring ? it’s often the problem as labels on devices are often wrong on chinese stuffs :wink:

Try a CP2102 chip to connect.

Thanks for all the help guys. Tried several of your tips (exchanging TX and RX and some other). But i ended up buying a new one from AZDelivery (through Amazon). That worked right out of the box. The relais module was the next pain in the butt. Tried some soldering tips (removing and moving resistors and connecting 2 pins, but all no luck). Also bought that one new from AZDelivery. Also was much nicer and worked better.
I am not buying this stuff on Ali any time soon!
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