Is my NodeMCU gone?

Suddenly my Sprinkler (based NodeMCU-v2 esp8266) device stopped working.

When installing it through the fromtend of ESPhome → succesfull. However I cant access logs nor is it connected to WiFi.

Then I flashed it with NodeMCU-PyFlasher-4.0-x64.exe

Reset the device by removing the USB and plug back in again…

Result is same. No Wifi and unable to get logs by the USB. (sometimes when lucky, I get a message in the terminal: Terminal disconnected: FramingError: Framing error)

Remains 2 questions for me:

  1. is the failing NodeMCU dead (even ESPHome is saying successfully flashed)?
  2. Is there another way of flashing / diagnosing

There’s been a bit of a problem with WiFi connectivity and ESPhome devices (mostly ESP8266 from my experience) recently. After OTA flashing, they don’t come back online for hours. Asus AX routers running firmware v388 are particularly problematic. So much so, I reloaded the previous V386 firmware to all my access points and the main router too. Much better for stability, but ESP8266 devices still take forever to reconnect.

Hang in there, it will reconnect, eventually.


Hi @nickrout
Thx for the suggestion.
Tried that too. Funny thing is that this tool is the only one that errors: flash timeout.
Therefore,I’m confused. 2 tools flashing oke, 1 not. Furthermore the device is not accessible after “successful “ flash. Not ota nor usb connected.

Hi @FredTheFrog ,
Thx for your reply.
I don’t think it’s the network. I had problems when I started with 2.4ghz devices. (All reconnect issues)
The solution here was to have a separate 2.4ghz only. ( don’t mix 2.4 and 5ghz for devices that only use 2.4). I created a 2.4 ghz domotica vlan. Furthermore , since I have 3 AP’s, set them to different (less occupied) channels. Make sure you skip at least one channel in between. I use channel 7, 9 and 11 (hall, 1st floor, attic). All my domotic devices, 2.4ghz are connected to this. No problems since.
If you haven’t configured the WiFi, then you might look into this.