Is my presence detection set up correctly?

I installed the HA Companion on my Android phone and allowed tracking. I also set up a test action to email me when I’ve left my home network. Today I was out but didn’t receive anything. Now I could have missed something in the automation but test messages got to me. I also can’t really tell if my phone is being tracked. For one thing the address shown is not my home, it’s nearby but certainly not in my home network. Here’s a screenshot but I’m not sure there will be enough information.

What should I be looking for to determine if it’s correct?

Do you have HA cloud?
My location also didn’t work that was because of that.
After setting up my HA cloud it was working fine, sometimes it takes 20min before my location is updated but it works.

No I don’t have Nabu Casa but I thought that was only for HA access away from home and if you didn’t use reverse proxy, VPN or domain name (which I don’t). I still thought your phone would be tracked.

I’ll look into it. Thanks!

it’s kind of logical that your HA doesn’t get a GPS update if you aren’t on the same network or cloud connected.

Very true now that you’ve said it. I should have realized.

Thanks again.

No problem, glad I could be of assistance

Not necessarily… If you use e.g. your home WiFi to determine whether you’re home, you can get a home or away status. Same with a Bluetooth beacon and e.g. an Apple TV (if one is using the Apple ecosystem). In this case though, if your device needs to send its GPS coordinates to HA, it needs to be able to reach HA outside of your home network. That info is correct, but I wanted to complete the picture, because it also gives you alternatives if you don’t want to make HA available on the Internet.

Thanks, good info. I think Nabu Casa will work for me. It seems pretty secure and it allows full access.