Is Nabu Casa Down Today?

I’ve been trying to get to my home HA through Nabu Casa but it never connects. I can get to my account information on but doesn’t connect to my instance. Using another remote software I can see it’s up and connected to Nabu Casa on HA but no remote access and I’m wondering if this is widespread.

Works for me.

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I’m having this issue today. Can’t get on my Nabu Casa URL at all. Was your issue resolved?

Mine eventually came back online after about 6 hours of being out. Since I tried it in multiple locations (I was in my RV at the time, I remoted into my house and tried on my phone) failed, I assumed it was a general outage.

Yeah that’s where I’m at. Trying on my phone as well as a different WiFi network with no luck. It came back somewhat a few times, but my dash just threw errors and it went back to not connecting at all. I’ve tried everything my limited knowledge of the cloud connection will let me, so I may just sit on it and cross my fingers.