Is Nabu Casa Down?

Is anyone else having issues with nabu casa? Mine has been working fine until today, no config changes, no restarts, just suddenly stopped working…

Working fine here, but there are a number of geographically distributed servers. No hordes of people screaming in the Discord Cloud channel either.

Any suggestions what to try to fix it? I just restarted, still not working

Did you visit the link at the bottom of your second screenshot?

No I ignored it on purpose :wink:

Of course, there’s nothing there, this is all i see on the page besides my account ID:

At least twice a month I go through this…

Thanks for that, I just tried and now I’m getting different errors in nabu casa but still not working… Will try leaving it off for longer before turning back on and see what happens

So if I turn remote connection off in HASS, then go to nabu casa and click connect, it will turn remote connection back on in HASS - so it clearly has access to my instance…

sigh my nabu casa domain name got flagged as malicious in my firewall and blocked - fixed now!

Oh that’s interesting… I think it’s odd that we get the Remote Control “Not connected… Trying to reconnect” at the same time the system sees the Nabu Casa Account will be “Connected”

I am not being able to use nabucasa to access Homeassistant from outside my house. Anyone else is facing the same problem?