Is Node-RED going to unknown IP address?

I believe I am getting a Node-RED error as below. Node Red often fails to load, I am new to Home Assistant so may have missed something. I am not sure why there is this entry host as that is not a known IP.

18-11-16 12:46:33 ERROR (MainThread) [hassio.api.proxy] Client error on WebSocket API Cannot connect to host ssl:False [Connection refused].
18-11-16 12:46:33 INFO (MainThread) [hassio.api.proxy] Home Assistant WebSocket API request initialize
18-11-16 12:46:33 INFO (MainThread) [hassio.api.proxy] WebSocket access from a0d7b954_nodered

The Hassio tab takes about 30 second to load but I don’t think that’s related.
Any advice appreciated.

172.30.x.x is the INTERNAL IP range inside your Docker environment (which HASSIO runs on)

OK thanks, should it be throwing an error then?

No it shouldn’t

aggghhh… Any ideas?

Did you get this resolved? I am having the exact same error/issue with my node-red installation on HassIO

I’ll check when I get home. But I didn’t progress with Node Red and stopped it. I’ll turn back on and see what happens. Is it the same IP address that your getting the message of?

All seems Ok, I have done a number of updates that may have resolved the issue.