Is Polar currently working?

Hi folks. I am trying to get the Polar fitness tracking integration working ( - when i follow the readme, I get to the point where i click “configure” (in the Integrations section) to log on to and accept the data access (i presume) and i get a “Oops something went wrong, let’s try again” (roughly translated) - but apart from that there is no other information on the site (only the standard Polar flow header/footer).
I am thinking that Polar might have changed something (e.g. closed down free access), so before I start digging deeper into the problem, I would just like to know if anybody have it working currently?


Hi Thomas, same here.

Any news on this ?
It would be really nice to have Polar Flow in HA

Polar fitness tracking integration for Home Assistant is there:

Not possible to add integration in HACS.
When i try to add the repo it say:
“<Integration burnnat/ha-polar> Repository has been requested to be removed”

And when check the repo it’s last updated 2 year ago.
Anyone know how to use this ?

It was reported as an issue:

“I’m running HA 2021.11.5 and couldn’t install this with HACS”. I wonder with what HA version it was running. I am ready to downgrade for this:

same here, if I try to add the repository there is the following error: Plugin burnnat/ha-polar> Repository has been requested to be removed.

Did anyone get this integration work?

If so please provide me a howto.

thanks in advance

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Just to follow up/confirm… I just got it to work with version 1.1.0 of “Polar integration for Home Assistant” (GitHub - Aohzan/hass-polar: Polar integration for Home Assistant).