Is port forwarding going to be affected by PiHole?

Hi there.

I am just about to have a go at getting HA reachable from outside my home, with the DuckDNS addon.

I currently have a PiB+, connected to my router, running PiHole and assigning static IP addresses?

Is this going to cause any problems before I start messing around with port forwarding on the router itself?

But why the ask? What is your concern?

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Thanks for confirming.

I wasn’t quite sure if PiHole was going to start blocking access to my HA server if it started to think that it was coming from outside my home network.

Don’t think PiHole would do any smart to block anything on its own. It’s a list-based ad blocking thing, so if your HA server is not on any list, you’d be fine.

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Great - thank you for putting my mind at ease.

Shall have a go, tonight, and see how I get on.