Is Reolink Doorbell fully integrated?

I am looking for a video Doorbell to integrate it into my HA.
Reolink Doorbell seems to be a good candidate as I already have reolink cams & NVR.
I am wondering if the doorbell is well integrated in HA or not?
Concretely, are all features working from HA interface?
→ doorbell press notification
→ video display
→ bidirectional audio
Thanks for your help!

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Biderection audio available with Webrtc.

I believe doorbell press is available with event.

Video display is definitely bot an issue. HA can do it and Webrtc does it better

Dahua VTO models and amcrest doorbells are also very well supported.

I would rather use the Reolink app for bidirectional audio. Using Home Assistant ads some more delay. All the rest is integrated and works well. Ring Bell is also delayed if you use a mobile notification.


It would be a DIRECT connection with camera, not relay of stream from reolink. At worst it is the same as remote connection through reolink server. At best it is faster.

I don’t know why. It is just my observation in comparing the two frontends.

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I configured Webrtc correctly, but I don’t see the microphone! How can I activate/deactivate the microphone?

Look at this

Seems there is currently issue with 2way audio from reolink and latest builds have this partially(?) working.

May be better to check or ask in the Go2RTC help

I made a write-up on how I got 2-way audio working here:


Steer far clear of Amcrest doorbell and Amcrest all together. Terrible software, doorbell hardware is a joke (can’t withstand a typical South US Summer day), WiFi is pitifully unreliable (spoofing MAC addresses out of the blue for some reason) and incredibly horrific, dishonest support.

Just installed Reolink Doorbell WiFi version. I used existing wiring and eliminated my old mechanical chime. I replaced a poor performing and less featured Samsung Doorbell camera.

In HA, I can see the button presses, watch the video and hear the audio. I haven’t tried bi-directional audio other than through the app.

Love the Reolink HA integration as well as the Reolink App and access to cameras on browser, app, Alexa devices and within HA!

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Which HA integration are you using?


I am using the google doorbell. There is a big delay on my HA notifications. The problem there is the cloud connection. Do you use HA notifications with your reolink? Is there a delay?

I don’t use HA for the notifications, just the native Android app.