Is scan_interval global across platform?

Hi HA Community!

I am configuring a web scrape to pull weather data from a website, but I would like to limit the frequency using scan_interval. Now my question is, do I need to add scan_interval to each instance of platform: scrape, or do I just need to add scan_interval to the first instance, and then the rest will follow suit?

- platform: scrape
  scan_interval: 7200
  name: scrape_bom_date_1
  select: 'h2:nth-of-type(2)'
  value_template: 'Tomorrow'
- platform: scrape  <-- **Do I need to add scan_interval to all scrape sensors or just the first?**
  name: scrape_bom_date_2
  select: 'h2:nth-of-type(3)'
  value_template: '{{ value.split(" ")[0] }}'

My second question is, if I have two or more scrape sensors pulling data from the same page, does HA have the smarts to aggregate the request and only download the website once? I have approximately 50 sensors all scraping from the same page, I don’t like the thought that my HA instance is hitting the same website 50 times in a very quick burst.

Yes. It’s in the docs.