Is sonoff the right device to convert all my switches to wirless and connect them to home assistant?

I’m trying to convert/modify all my house switches to work with HA, and one of the biggest challenges/concerns is having about 50 Sonoff devices installed in all the switches around the house (that’s a lot of 2.4 Ghz devices connected to the router). I currently have this router: Netgear Nighthawk AC3000 X6S Model: R7900P - 100NS

My question is do you think there is a better solution? like using RF or Z-waves devices?

currently I’m thinking about buying Sonoff from the factory in this kind of variation:

Sonoff Basic x 25
Sonoff Dual x 22
Sonoff 4 Ch R2 x 03

about 81-85 switches total.

Any recommendation will be much appreciated.

No real answers (sorry) but some things to think about.

A lot of RF devices don’t return their state to Home Assistant so it has to be assumed. This can cause issues when trying to automate based on state (was a light left on, or does a light need to be turned on) as the state can become out of sync due to local interaction (someone flips the switch).

Zwave devices work well in general and with a number of powered devices you would likely have a stable network. The downside to a lot of Zwave implementations is often cost.

I really like my sonoffs and they have been very stable for me. However, that will be a lot of wifi devices on your network. My router (noted to be a cheap option at the time) struggled as I started adding a lot of WiFi devices. Switching to a seperate modem, router/firewall and Access Point setup resolved the issues.

The downside to Sonoffs IMO is there is no local control option (they aren’t designed as a standard light switch) You can build in the local control option but with ~50 sonoffs to complete this will require a lot of soldering and addtional parts.

Finally, check that the sonoffs will fit into your wall boxes or have an alternate place to locate them. Not sure where you are located but sonoff basic is a very tight fit into a standard US wall box.

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Thank you Adam.
I am in the US and I think i can fit the sonoff basic and dual easily but it’s probably not the case with the sonoff 4 channels (I will find a way tho).
Also, I’m thinking about adding a second router so I can balance the load on both router but i was wondering if that would create some issues with home assistant.

Is sonoff the right device…

Just recently this happened to a Sonoff POW I used to check how much power my dryer is using during a regular cycle:

It’s rated for 16A on the label. The dryer never went above 11A (I double-checked with another, non-Sonoff device). I do have Sonoffs in other places that don’t handle much electric load. But having experienced this kind of failure makes me think twice about what I use chinese products for, and where instead I go with pricier models which have passed local quality tests.

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I like zwave a lot and they have an option for 2 wire switches.

Mix it up

Wemo works good too

What does the rest of that sonoff look like? What gauge are those cables? What amperage are the cables rated for?

I was going to use a POW in my shop to read some usage and kick on dust extraction possibly. However, these are all rather high draw devices.

Would be intrested to know where this POW failed, from this picture (which doesn’t show much) it looks like the input wire fried.

i have arround 25 sonoff between basic, dual, 3ch, 2ch and touch without no problems with apple router

i’m using my own addon for use the sonoff without flashing

Yeah this was my main concern with using these products. With any power monitoring I am using the xiaomi plug type devices and using sonoff just for lighting circuits. I may however rethink this design now, I’m not using the POW model but that looks like it could happen to any of the models.

Suggest CTs for high draw monitoring.

Thanks for sharing. I was looking at sonoff for some future projects but not so sure now.

After opening the case and having a further look I can confirm, that it indeed seems to be the cable that was the issue. Or at least the connection. The cable is rated for 16A. But as we can see on the new image, the area of the connector is where the most heat was (judged by where the blue cable has the most burning).

Yeah, I usually only use Sonoffs for lower loads as well. Even with increasing quality of those products, a german insurance wouldn’t pay if it caused damage.

For some usecases Sonoffs still are perfectly fine and a cheap solution. Attaching the Pow to the dryer was a test since I’ve read before, that there might be issues with failure. Usually the dryer is attached to a Homematic power meter switch for costs 50€. That switch though is really safe to use. And if it would catch fire, the insurance still would have to pay because it’s a certified product.

That looks like the old sonoff POW the one that had this issue?

I have quite a few Sonoffs and other esp8266 sensors on my WiFi network, I see very little usage still on my 2.4ghz side of the network. I have two Ubiquiti APs in my house for the devices to pick from and coverage is pretty reliable. I never seen one “fall” off the network, they just seem to work all the time. I am using Tasmota firmware on them so maybe that’s why I don’t see any issues with traffic as their MQTT messages are pretty small and don’t talk that often.

I do agree though, that’s a LOT of sonoff’s to flash, solder a header, pull-up resistor, etc. Would zwave be easier? In my opinion I wouldn’t do Zwave with that many devices. I’ve read to many horror stories of their Zwave networks falling apart and they have to re-add everything. No thanks! I’ll stick with my WiFi stuff where only one device is impacted if one switch decides to be lazy that day.

Cost? Well…even with just 25 Sonoff basics, iTead will send me that for about $145, 25 Zwave switches would cost me over $750. Hmm… Less money for more features and better stability? Hmm… or more money for easier install and more headache down the road?

I’ve got to see pictures of this 80+ switch house where you need remote switching on them all. Holy!!

Yeah I have done all of the switches in my house and even the 3 speeds fans and still didn’t use more then 20 odd sonoffs. 80 seems like a large amount are you sure some of those aren’t 2 or 3 way switches in which case you would only need to install sonoff at one side of those switches.

This is great video from Drzzs

Good topic… trying to work out if sonoff is the best plan of attack too…

What do people use for dimming lights? Is zwave still the only option?

Honestly and after doing a lot of researching, I think the best way to go is with Sonoff (Flashed with Tasmota), then for dimming you should get smart light bulbs (Sonoff light bulbs that you can also flash with Tasmota), so you can control the brightness and color of the light bulb.
as you can see in the above video, you can access all your Tasmota flashed devices through that useful one page which make it really easy to update and troubleshoot them.

Yeh I was thinking that as an option but doesn’t work for some situations (multiple down lights)

I also don’t like the idea of double control, need reliability.

I was considering this but then I need to source all low voltage leds.

Sorry to revive this old thread - I am really wavering between CT clamp and Sonoff POW for monitoring my modern Miele washing machine. Can you tell me (this is the reason for reviving!) what the version number printed on your destroyed POW is, please? This is mine

that’s a 2000W+ appliance, do NOT use a Sonoff pow for that, no matter the version