Is system minotor sensor values only added when the delta is not 0 or after a restart?

I have this is my configuration.yaml ( only relevant information pasted )

  purge_keep_days: 21

  - platform: systemmonitor
      - type: disk_use
        arg: /
      - type: disk_use_percent
        arg: /
      - type: memory_use
      - type: memory_use_percent
      - type: swap_use
      - type: processor_use
      - type: processor_temperature

  port: 8086
  database: homeassistant
  username: !secret influxdb_user
  password: !secret influxdb_password
  max_retries: 3
  measurement_attr: entity_id
      - sensor

These metric are all transfered to InfluxDB. But disk_use, disk_use_percent and swap_use only seems to add a new point when the value change. Is this correct? Can’t seem to find anything in the docs about this?

These values are also updated when I restart the Pi or supervisor.

I can see why this is done … but it makes my graph look a bit odd :slight_smile:

System information:
Raspberry PI 4 with 8GB with an 500GB SSD on USB

Home Assistant Core 2022.5.4
Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.05.2
Home Assistant OS 7.6
Kernel version 5.10.103-v8
Agent version 1.2.1
Path to configuration.yaml: /config

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