Is the "group" operator usable with media_player entities?

Hi. I am trying to make an automation work with a set of Chromecasts and AndroidTV devices:

and having issues with the behavior of the group operator.

I see in the documentation about the group operator in the media-player domain here:

that the “on” state is ok, but off is “problem”. What exactly does “problem” mean? That it doesn’t work for players in the off state, etc…? There is nothing in that page that explains what is meant by the “problem” there, but it may explain why I am having issues with the automation I am trying to make work.


It means someone has (very strangely) given the group of media players the problem device class. It means the group will display as problem when all the players are off and ok when any of the players are playing. The underlying states will still be off and on.

But this only follows the media player on and off state, not the playing state. I have answered your problem in your other topic.