Is the HassOS image for Intel NUC bootable?

For history, I have been running Home Assistant on an Intel NUC (Ubuntu) for the past year. But, updates are difficult because Ubuntu is no longer approved. I also have a personal MediaWiki on that NUC but moving it to a new host took me two days the last time I moved it from a Raspberry Pi to the NUC. So, the decision was made to move Home Assistant to it’s own NUC and leave the MediaWiki on the first NUC. Since the new Intel NUC will be used exclusively for Home Assistant, I have been advised to just install HassOS.

I have tried to boot the image file from a thumbdrive on the NUC, but the NUC responds simply: “nothing bootable found”. (The SSD thumbdrive is my first boot device in the BIOS).

Thinking that I could have a bad image, I repeated the download, flash another thumbdrive using Balena Etcher, and still- “nothing bootable found”.

I had no problem booting a Debian or Ubuntu thumbdrive.

Is there a problem with the HassOS mage file or should I just install Debian then Home Assistant with the risk that Debian, too, will be unsupported in the future like Ubuntu?

How would you proceed?

Flash the image to your hdd/SSD directly.

Select that disk as the boot option.

HA should boot up.

The NUC image does not get flashed to a USB and then installed like you may be used to with Ubuntu or some other OSs.

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Indeed, the image goes straight on the disk, which is what I already told you to do when I suggested using hassos here…

… even noting that the instructions may say SD instead of SSD in error. I definitely didn’t say to put anything on a thumb drive, and neither did the instructions.

On the third reading, it makes sense.
I’ve been flashing Ubuntu and Debian boot disks for so long on various old PCs and laptops that “image” immediately infers “bootable image”. The instructions could have been more clear. You may have said it in the other thread (which has gone wildly off-topic), but not as succinctly as did. (Flash the image to your hdd/SSD directly).

I used an M.2 USB adapter and flashed to the M.2 drive, and after reinstalling the M.2 into the NUC, Home Assistant now boots.

Thanks for all the assistance.