Is the raspberry Pi4b (4Gb) the right solution?

Can’t advise on that, I use the HA native Zwave JS. Not familiar with UI.

But familiar with Fibaro Eyes for a long time… :wink:

If the Z-Wave network is getting spammed, no amount of processing power on the HA side will fix this. I once had a power plug malfunction in a similar way, in this case unplugging it and replugging was enough to fix. So if this a battery powered device, I’d first try removing the batteries for a minute or two.


Exactly, why I said very clear, that changing the system machine does not necessary fix this problem already before this spamming came to the table :wink:


I would not change anything in the associations nothing there looks out of order (except tour controller not being node 1, but that could be from a controller shift sometime in the past) but it doesn’t matter, because…

I would do exactly as @BebeMischa suggested and exclude/rejoin that misbehaving node. Then see how your network is doing.

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I presume that this is the same activity as Exclude/Include in terms of resetting the security as mentioned by you?

It’s under “Re-interview Node” on ZWave2MQTT / JWave JS UI.

It is not. You have to completely disjoin / rejoin a device to change its security level.

It could come across as being similar. Ok, thanks for the feedback!