Is the Tapo C220 camera supported?


I realise this is quite a new product but was wondering whether the Tapo C220 camera is supported with Home Assistant and Scrypted as were the C200 and C210.


Given that it supports rtsp out of the box, you can setup a generic camera for it.

Skip the part below, my bad

If you want to control the camera with integration, you should go with custom integration and work with the developer to add missing functionality if any.

You can try this

or ask here:

It will most probably work, let me know if it works and I will add it to the supported models. :slight_smile:

I checked - yes C220 is supported and working, all controls also working

Does it stay connected? My c225 kept going to sleep and dropping of WIFI. The only way to reconnect was to switch it off/on which was a pain so I returned it.