Is the Workday integration of Home Assistant working? Since the turn of the year it has not been working for me

Hello to all,

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone in this great community!

Focusing on the problem I’m having, I want to ask you if you have had any problems moving to the new year with the Home assistant integration: “Workday”?

During the year 2022 it worked perfectly and without any problem, the only thing I did at the end of the year was to modify the dates to update to 2023.

But it still tells me that every day is a holiday…

I share with you my configuration.yaml of the integration:

  - platform: workday
    country: ES
      - '2023-01-06'
      - '2023-01-20'
      - '2023-03-01'
      - '2023-04-06'
      - '2023-04-07'
      - '2023-04-10'
      - '2023-05-01'  
      - '2023-08-15'
      - '2023-10-12'
      - '2023-11-01'
      - '2023-12-06'
      - '2023-12-08'
      - '2023-12-25'
      - '2023-12-26'
      - '2023-12-28'
      - '2023-12-29'
      - '2023-12-30'

I started using it last year, is there anything I don’t know and is there anything specific I need to do when I move on to a new year?

Thanks for your help in advance!

A quick look in the code of the used library (python-holidays/ at 39f3538764e7413c3b7a15426e065294238ce493 · dr-prodigy/python-holidays · GitHub) shows me today is an ‘observed’ holiday in Spain, because new year’s day was on a Sunday, it rolls over to monday.

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Hello, I would like to point out that this does not happen in all of Spain, only a few have it.

I’m from the Balearic Islands so I also put the province (although I didn’t put it in the code I shared) but it’s still the same.

Could it just be a mistake on the part of the person who put the dates on the calendar believing that it was all of Spain and not just certain parts of the country that were public holidays?

The solution is to raise an issue on the python-holidays github.

Thanks for your help, I will open ticket