Is there a addon for making automations easy

Hello Guys,

I love home assistant but my knowlegde with programming is very limited.
i can make a easy automation (turn off / turn on) but thats it.
I am coming from samsung smartthings and there we have something called webcore to make automations and is very easy.
Is there something like that on home assistant?

You don’t have to have any programming knowledge to automate things in Home Assistant. YAML is just a markup text. If you spend a few minutes learning it, it’s quite easy.

You can try the automation section in ‘configuration’ tab, but I find it more confusing.

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I prefer using Node-Red for automations, makes more intuitive sense than me and faster to work with than YAML.

Info on getting started with that:


I use Node Red for Alexa and although automations are “easy” to build, it’s another component to manage and ensure it’s running at all times.

Personally, I’d bite the bullet and learn the yaml. It’s not that complicated and once you get the hang of it and templating with Jinja it’s actually quite addictive.

One other thing is to make sure you use a good editor. I use Atom and it helps finding mistakes when editing yaml.

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Oke tnx guys, gonna have a look.