Is there a better way to modify config.yaml?

I’m fairly new to HA and have been adding DHT11 sensors, remote control Radiator Valves, and Boiler control, as I set up multiple climate controlled zones at home. I am using Raspberry Pi Home Assistant OS 9.5
I have used the Generic Thermostat, and I’m looking at upgrading to a PID controller.

It strikes me that the way of installing these controls, by modifying the config.yaml directly, is not very user-friendly.
Would it be better to have these configuration settings adjustable through a better user interface? I am thinking of a web-form, integrating info from the documentation pages (e.g. the markdown used to generate Generic Thermostat - Home Assistant)

Has something like this been done and I’ve missed it?
Are there significant hurdles that as a noob I’m not aware of?

There is a great move going on with getting settings integrated into the UI, but this is by no means done yet and the editing of configuration.yaml is a sign of those parts that is still lacking.

Thanks @WallyR, where can I find more out about this with a view to contributing?

I do not really know.
Maybe on Github?

But try to read this first:

If you set up a config flow for an integration, whatever is in the configuration.yaml isn’t used anymore, and it is put in some hidden files.