Is there a blueprint for mimicking Nest/Ecobee remote sensors?

Apologizes if this is the wrong place to post this, I’m looking for a blueprint or help with recreating the functionality that Nest and Ecobee have with their remote sensors for using them as the threshold for HVAC in a home.



I don’t think there’s a way to fake it: you can fake the value in homeassistant but can can’t force a sensor value down to the ecobee.

Think about this another way:
-You could adjust the thermostat setpoint instead, temporarily. For example let’s say your target temperature is 20C and the sensor show 19C, you could adjust the temperature of the thermostat itself to let’s say 21C with a script to trigger the thermostat to start your heat source then adjust back once your target is reached.
-Another approach I’m looking at currently is to look at the delta between two sensors and adjust the fan run time to equalize the temperature.

Hope this helps thinking about this another way