Is there a default username and pwd to get new HA installation started?

Hi all,
I followed the intallation instructions using BalenaEtcher on a windows PC and installed:
on my SD card (32GB) for the Rasperry pi 4 (as instructed by HA website)
When I start my raspberry again I get finally a black screen with the following:

Welcome to Home Assistant
homeassistant login:

I couldn’t find any default user name or pwd. Is there one?
Does anyone have an idea how to get it started?
thanks in advance
a newbe (obviously)

You are not supposed to turn it of or reboot.
From the time you insert the SD card then just leave it on and you should get to a onboarding screen where you choose username and password.

Probably, when you rebooted HA skipped the onboarding.

You access the HA installation using a browser opening http://homeassistant.local:8123/ or http://ip of raspberry:8123/

The onboarding process includes user registration

thanks for your help, much appreciated. Let me precise my procedure and what I see:

I was installing HA in the OS version on the SD card using etcher.
If I understood correct, this version includes an

  • OS to run on a raspberry pi4 and
  • the HomeAssistant application it selves
    by installing it on the SD card, the card will be formatted upfront.
    After successful installation on the SD card (that’s what etcher says), I remove it from my PC card reader and enter it into raspberry pi 4. (network cable is o.k.)

now I start the raspberry and I get the black screen with:
welcome to home Assistant
homeassistant login: [ 19.419078] udevd[2021]: bind failed: Address in use
[ 19.419078] udevd[2021]: error binding udevd control socket

after playing on the keyboard I get

homeassistant login:

there is no chance to enter any webaddress or anything else.
the system is just asking for the login
while doing try and error I used “root” and got to the Home Assistant command line

Can I start HomeAssistant from command line?
If so, how?

tx ia

You go to the web address from your mobile phone or computer, not from the homeassistant device.

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Home assistant is running. You just need to open the web interface from a browser on another device.

Hi gents,
I don’t want to leave this discussion without telling, you have been of great help.
Home Assistant is up and running
thanks from

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Hi al.
I am new of HA, so I have no knowledge of this system.
Following the instructions I created the VM using VirtualBox and run it. When the boot is complete, HA asks for login.
At this point I believe I should create a User ID entering the web page.
When I try entering the webpage I got an error that tells my the page does not exists. I tried not only homeassistant.local:8123 link but also:

thanks for your help

What address are you typing?