Is there a good way to use Bluetooth LE tracking in HA?

I’m already using HA quite a time right now and I think it’s great! The only problem i’m still struggling with is prescence detection. I made groups for the family members and their devices which works great, but the state is not right all the time.

My HA-setup is only local available so working with OwnTracks or Locative is not working. I use Router scanning which is a lot of times correct and use bluetooth scanning for mobile devices which works also a lot of times, but not always are a 100% correct.

I bought some nut mini BLE beacons which I read a lot about and tried to connect them with HA. I saw that the BLE component gives performance issues, so i’m now trying to get a raspberry pi zero w, which I have a spare of lying around to get it to find my nut mini and send a signal over mqtt to my mqtt broker on the HA-setup device.

This all with no luck, and room assistant is alsno not working.

I hope someone has some ideas to get this working or some best practises maby :slight_smile: ?

Have a look at this thread :wink:

A new version is due imminently.

I use the pieces described by in this Bit-River (4th messagein this thread).

I’m running this custom component for the detection of my ble gigaset g-tags.
It has been very accurate and haven’t got any software failures yet.


I also use Nut mini but the detection is done using ESP32 and openmqttgateway.

I have been trying to get my nut3 to connect to built in LE component, this component, Pycom, I haven’t been successful would like to know more about your esp32 solution.


It’s quite simple. I use the OpenMqttGateway running on a esp32 or esp8266+bluetooth module (hc-10 i guess). I had to mod a few lines* of the code so the OpenMqttGateway spits the correct mqtt json/topic. Basically the esp32 works a bluetooth scanner and publish to a topic the ID/MAC of the devices it finds. Then I use the MQTT_ROOM component of the HA to know where the tag is. ah… each esp32 publish to his “room” topic, like “home/BTtoMQTT/room/hall” or “home/BTtoMQTT/room/garage”, and so on.

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i am also interested in your solution. Can you post a tutorial and your code that you are using?

Would be great as i am a total noob in these things…