Is there a guide to get started? A9-B mini camera wifi

I tell you, I have a Chinese camera that I bought for 1 cent, A9_B, it is rubbish in itself, especially the app, and it doesn’t give me a very good feeling, the point is that I think it is a good opportunity to start digging into my guts of the small board, my idea is to use it as a web cam, or connect it to an Arduino perhaps for some RC project.

I don’t have much idea about programming, just the basics, and well I wanted to know if there is any guide for this device, or perhaps a guide to start with the subject of reverse engineering, it would be very good for me to give a second life to devices since I do projects In 3D, I know how to design quite well but when it comes to programming and reverse engineering, etc. I limp a lot, If you can recommend me some guide, or steps to be able to learn basically from scratch to do things well.

Search the forum, there is a long thread about the A9 camera

Yes, I saw it, the issue is that I don’t have much experience and I constantly get lost, that’s why I’m asking if anyone knows, or can recommend me a guide to start messing around, because I don’t have much idea of ​​programs or tools to use in this type of projects.