Is there a HA input item to set a date range?

Not sure if this is possible with HA, but since everything is possible, let’s give it a try!

I want to set a date range in HA frontend, so I need some input button which allows me to enter a date.

The application is as follows: I have a Raspberry Pi digital picture frame which is connected to Home Assistant via MQTT to turn it off and on and to exchange some data ( Now I want to extend the functionality to include a filter which would specify the date range for pictures that are shown. This would require me to input the values in HA somehow. I know how to pass them on, convert and whatever to my picture frame but I have no idea how to enter a date in Lovelace frontend. Any ideas, tipps that can get me started on the right track?

I did a search. Would something like this work?

Yes, I had seen this and that Node red Set_datetime from payload but it doesn’t explain how to enter the date in Lovelace.

Does anybody have an example where you enter the date in Lovelace maybe for an alarm clock or whatever?

So you know about inputdatetime and want to show it in lovelace (it shows by default in the states ui).

Try this My Lovelace Plugins

Hi Nick, great plugins, by the way! Anybody out there who doesn’t use at least one of those? :slight_smile:

What I am trying to do is to have an input panel that allows me to enter a date range in the HA frontend. A bit like the alarm panel where you enter digits.

I think you will need two inputdatetime, one to set the start date and one the end date.

I would already be a happy man if I knew how to input one date in HA frontend… :slight_smile:

Well you have already been pointed to the component and also to a lovelace panel that will work, what more are you seeking?

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Sorry, Nick, which lovelace panel were you referring to? The URL links to Thomas’ overall selection of plugins.

Just put your input_datetime in an entities card and make sure you are running Home Assistant 0.93 or later.

I already linked to that. We are here to help, but are not a helpdesk that does it for you. What have you tried that failed?

Thanks Thomas