Is there a Home Assistant "Web Browser" integration?

Several of my home devices are manageable via a browser.
But the devices are of course only accessible from my home network.
A solution could be an ‘integration’ that exposes a simple web browser that runs in the ‘remote’ accessible Home Assistant GUI (Browser or App).
It would be like the ‘Terminal Integration’, but the a full browser instead of just a terminal.

Is there such a “Web Browser Integration”*?

*at first look I didn’t find any…

if running HA OS or Supervised

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Although I indeed think technically think this could help me to do reverse-proxy into my home, it would just be too much work to get this to work for all my http-enabled devices at home (about 15 and constantly changing).
Where I assume I have to do some config per device I want to address.

How about VPN? I use VPN connection from phone/tablet/laptop… to my router when i’m outside my network, so if you have this option it’s the most secure solution, i think. I have VPN always active on my phone. This way you could access all your local device’s web interfaces.

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So scary that it actually works! Thanks a ton for the reference!

I don’t have the option on all my devices to set up a VPN (read: managed by my employer). So this is not a real option. Also: there is a big chance there would be overlapping IP addresses on the different ‘local’ network I work on, propably confusing VPNs and requiring to ‘constantly’ activate/de-acticate VPNs or their setting.
The Firefox solution is actually perfect.

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