Is there a maintained alternative to Template-climate?


I need a pure virtual climate entity, so that I can implement my own thermostat logic but still use the available climate tiles for the dashboard.

should do exactly that, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it working:

is there any other template available that would allow me to forward climate control events to my own logic instead to a real climate device integration?

Unfortunately it looks as if this repository isn’t actively maintained anymore, so maybe the problem is that it hasn’t been updated in a long time.
Maybe someone else could fork and fix this component?
Unfortunately I don’t program python and have several OSS packages of my own as that I would be able to dig into this myself

It is hard to tell what kind of problem you are trying to solve, but asking about custom integrations that replace the built-in generic thermostat really has nothing to do with the Blueprints topic you selected. That means that people that are interested in your question may not see your question. I would remove the Blueprints part of the topic and find another topic / tag that fits your query better.

This topic is focused on helping you write and maintain Blueprints and such.

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thanks, I did as you said, I thought this kind of integration falls under the blueprint category

A blueprint is an automation or a script that has variables that can be changed.
You are talking about a custom integration.

There may be a blueprint that does what you need, I don’t know. You can search for that here:
Blueprints Exchange - Home Assistant Community.