Is there a master list of supported Zigbee devices?

Is there a centralized list of Zigbee devices (switches, sensors, etc) that are supported by any of the Home Assistant components?

deCONZ has a Supported Devices page within the deconz-rest-plugin Github Project Wiki.

ZHA has a lot going on. The first thing I stumbled across was the HASS Community thread : ZHA Zigbee Tested Devices…Please add your device results. Needless to say, there is an awful lot going on in that thread, and it’s very confusing. There is also a basic list of supported devices in the file of the github project, but it doesn’t seem like it’s complete, especially when compared to browsing the zhaquirks directory of the zha-device-handlers project.

Zigbee2MQTT has an amazing Supported Devices page that includes clear descriptions and images of each supported device. If you click the link for the device, you are taken to a very descriptive and well organized page, providing a number of details including pairing and HASS configuration.

It would be incredibly empowering if there was a page that was modeled after the Zigbee2MQTT list that included additional columns that displayed current compatibility status per HASS components (Not supported, in-development, supported w/minimum version(s) required, or that the device isn’t supported at all). The additional linked pages could include plenty of shared information including basic details such as pairing and resetting, all the way up to developer level device details such as device features, Cluster IDs, and units.