Is there a repository of valid older HOAS{….}.vdi image files potentially compatible with VirtualBox ver4?

I am just setting up Home Assistant for the first time. The end-user documentation for was not very specific as to requirements.
I have a MacMini (circa 2006: Intel Core2 Duo 2Ghz; 2Gb memory; 160Gb hard drive) which I thought I could dedicate to running HomeAssistant on VirtualBox. (The MacMini isn’t running anything else, and I thought it might be repurposed as a dedicated HA platform.)
I am running Snow Leopard (10.6.8) and VirtualBox 4.3.40, which are the last supported versions for my hardware.
I followed the HomeAssistant directions for creating a VirtualBox virtual machine using the haos_ova-9.4.vdi image file, without difficulty. However, when I run the virtual machine I get a “critical error” (listed below).

I suspect that the image file is dependent on having an “up-to-date” (or more recent) macOS and VirtualBox, although the HomeAssistant documentation for compatibility is skimpy (or I couldn’t find it).

In this forum article, it was suggested that older cpu’s might have this problem, and I am probably just hardware limited: • View topic - Can't start new machines

However, I was wondering if there is a repository of historically relevant older HOAS……vdi image files which I could try, which might be compatible with VirtualBox ver4?

Or maybe there is a fix for the errors I am getting in the VB log:

(I would attach the VB log but I don’t see an option to upload a file. There is no HA log, since the VM machine didn’t launch.)

Thank you.

I wonder if you could create an empty generic Linux VM and then do a standard x84-64 HassIO install into it.

Connect a Debian Live or similar ISO file but instead of proceeding with the Linux install, just write the HassIO image. If the old VirtualBox doesn’t support UEFI, see Install HA on old laptop without UEFI - #20 by dbrand666 for a workaround.