Is there a tcpdump addon for hassio?

I’m trying to troubleshoot some communication issues with Home Assistant and was hoping to get some packet captures on the raspberry pi.

Is there a way to get tcpdump installed on hassio?


-Rob A>

Use the ssh add-on and install tcpdump.

apk add --no-cache tcpdump should do it. Not sure if the ssh add-on interface will show you everything but its worth a shot.

Tried this, does not see any of the traffic that is to or from devices. I am assuming that is from a different docker container and this only sees traffic from the container it is run from?

Most likely.

Actually it did see other traffic one time, but if any kind of filter is run with it then nothing is seen:
tcpdump -i eth1 port not 22 and host

Would love a way to run this and get data to and from hassio.

Is there a way to use on