Is there a technical reason why MEROSS equipment is not supported?

I am new to ESPHome but after a few tests I moved all my Sonoff devices on that solution - it is fantastic.

I have some MEROSS equipment ( but none of it is supported by ESPHome. I have zero knowledge about electronics so I apologize if my question does not make sense.

  • is this because it runs on something different form ESP8266/ESP32
  • or is this because there is no interest in these products?
  • or because it is not possible to flash it?
  • or something else?

I don’t have any meross equipment, but

that would be my first thought.

If it has an ESP, it can be flashed and can run esphome.

I just discovered via that it is likely there is no ESP8266 module :frowning:

A little search and it looks like at least one of their device is ESP based :wink:

Meross support within HA is via HACS.

Yes, but this is via the MEROSS cloud and not a direct integration of the device.

Though I must say that it is very reactive and I do not see any special lags.

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