Is there a way for the Entities Card for Tap_Action to open another card?

Wondering if there is an example of how I can create an Entities Card where the Tap_Action on an Entity goes to a different card.

My specific use case is I want to have an Android TV Power Button on the Entities card, then the Tap Action would open up a custom remote card.

Check Docs for actions, find “navigate”.


Or you can use something like card-mod that lets you pop up a card over your current dash. I use both and each have their pros and cons.


I did already looked into the Home Assistant documentation around navigate. It seems it could only navigate to another dash (or I’m not seeing any functionality to open a card).

@CO_4X4 Can you point me to a card-mod and example code that would allow me to do this? I’m still just getting started with Home Assistant.

Look at the documentation regarding the Pop-Up card. Basically it replaces the more-info of a button so that when you view more-info (either your long press or if you configure your tap action to be more-info) then it pops the pop-up instead and the pop-up is just another dash-in-dash essentially.

Like this:


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Thanks so much. Just a note to self that the link below is what I should be looking into.

Navigation lets you navigate between panels in a dashboard. You can navigate between dashboards, for example if you don’t want them to show in the sidebar.

Yes, I understood. Navigate between dashboard is not what I’m looking for.

I’m looking to implement a popup in a card (replacing the more-info card).

Put the card you want into a panel all by itself, then just navigate to that panel.

Popup card.

You can navigate to a subview.

Or you can start playing with browser mod.

As for proposed card-mod - this is unrelated to the topic.

Yea, I got them backwards, this is correct.