Is there a way to auto agree to LG terms?

I have the LG integration with Home Assistant for my washer and dryer. It works great, but LG has this stupid annoying thing where it randomly updates and requires you to agree to their terms of service. The app is equally dumb, and I figured I could circumvent that with Home Assistant. Now that it happens in Home Assistant as well, is there any way I could at least get a notification when the integration inevitably breaks again due to the stupid terms agreement push that happens seemingly every couple of weeks? Thanks.

You would need to capture the event that reauth is needed. How do you know now?

Via an error under updates and specifically the integration itself if I navigate to either place manually.

Under the logs it says “Front Load Washer became unavailable”, but I don’t see that as a device state option for automations.

Edit: Got it, I chose “state” when selecting the “when” and found a changed to state of “unavailable”. Thanks for getting me in the right direction and hopefully it works!