Is there a way to change the radius for the home location?

When I add radius:50 underneath the *homeassistant section and I do a “check config” I don’t get an error, but get an indefinite spinning circle.

Hi is there a resolution to this? I’m having problem where if I change the home radius in configuration in Configuration.yaml in zone then my automations when I enter leave home does not work. the reason to change my home zone radius is because in certain area of the radius there is a spot that HASS tracks me in as I entered then 5 sec later it tracks me as exited, which can cause issues in my automation. This is the main reason I wanted to change the 100 radius to like 30. but even when I changed the radius in the yaml file, HA still tracks in out of that area. below is what I entered in the yaml file. I’m new to HASS so any help to get past this issue would be helpful.

  - name: Home
    latitude: xx.xxxxx
    longitude: -xx.xxxxx
    radius: 24
    icon: mdi:home-assistant
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Did you find a solution? I’ve created an overlapping larger zone but it’s annoying.