Is there a way to check that HA is running normally from my android?

I would like a way to check that HA is running normally by doing a check from my mobile phone.
Is there a way to do it?

Not really. You could try to open up the frontend via the url on your phone and if it loads it’s obviously working. You also could add an SSH app to your phone and SSH into the device running HASS and check that way but you’d have to do a lot of port forwarding/typing for that to work. Or you could set up a notification via an automation if HASS shuts down (but don’t think that will work if it freezes).

thanks for your reply.
i am able to login remotely, but I would like something that will notify me if HA is down

I can’t find it on the forums right now but there was a google based down detector that would send an e-mail if your front end went down.

If you have a second instance, you can use any of the presence detection options or the ping binary sensor to confirm its is there.

Awhile back I had a set of automations between my two instances that turned a input boolean on and off. If it was either on or off for more than a minute I knew one of the instances wasn’t running and sent a notification.

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Oh yeah, there is uptimerobot ( that you can tie into telegram and/or HASS


a second instance is a good idea but I would like to avoid that :slight_smile: will take a look at the uptime robot

Cheers for that, far more convenient than waiting to find something has stopped working :slight_smile:

done … configured it to send an email when there is a problem :slight_smile:

Keep in mind it will only ping if the HASS instance is unavailable. I’ve had instances where it’s not functioning properly and needs to be restarted but is still technically accessible. So it’ll work most of the time but it’s not 100% bulletproof.