Is there a way to control 2.4g devices?

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but have a similar dilemma - recently bought a new LED feature light, which, disappointingly given the price, came with a cheap integrated LED driver which uses what I believe must be a proprietary 2.4GHz remote control. It is fortunately pleasingly quick and responsive, but my hopes of integrating it into HA via Broadlink RM Pro (which controls my 433Mhz fans and LED lights) were shot.
It looks like soldering a Wemos D1 Mini to the controller board is going to be my best bet… but just thought I’d post a photo of the remote control board first in case anybody recognises what it’s using and knows of a better way? Thanks

In the U.S. the case should have an FCCID number which will link to the manufacturer and a test report.

I have a similar dilema with motorized 4inch shutters running on a 2.411ghz

Dis anyone manage to figure this out ? Same issue with same remote and LED controller on 2.4Ghz. Thanks

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